25 Holiday Blog Post Ideas + Win $130 to Starbucks

Happy holidays y'all! If you can't tell, I'm 100% in the holiday spirit. In case you missed it, I posted my Ultimate Blogger Holiday gift guide, chock full of tons of gift ideas for almost everyone in your life (especially, well, bloggers). To continue with the theme of ideas, here are 25 new holiday blog post ideas. Oh, and there's also a giveaway for $130 to Starbucks. Because we all need a little caffeine this time of year.

25 holiday blog post ideas
Here are 25 Holiday Blog Post Ideas, perfect for this holiday season! Whatever holiday you celebrate: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, there's a blog post idea here for everyone.

1. Write a letter to Santa as an adult.

2. Your favorite holiday traditions.

3. A gift guide (here's mine!)

4. Your Holiday Playlist.

5. Your favorite places to head for the holidays.

6. Your best holiday drink recipe. Something hot!

7. Behind the scenes of your family holiday get togethers.

8. The WORST gift you've ever received.

9. Follow up, with the best.

10. Must have stocking stuffer.

11. The best way to de-stress this holiday season.

12. A unique way you (or your family) celebrates the season.

13. Rank your favorite holiday movies, in order.

14. The most decadent holiday scents (think candles, perfume, etc.)

15. How you decorate for the holidays- give us a home tour or a sneak peek.

16. Your funniest Christmas memory.

17. What you're most thankful for this year.

18. Your holiday shopping tips (how do you manage to do it all before Christmas day?!)

19. Throwback to your favorite Christmas cards or old school photos. (Also great for instagram!).

20. Your favorite books to read around the holidays (old or new.)

21. Explain how you balance your family (and/or in laws) during the holidays.

22. How you plan to spend New Years Eve.

23. Your favorite holiday decor (can be meaningful or just plain gorgeous.)

24. Your favorite posts from the past year.

25. Your goals for the New Year and how you plan to really stick to them.

Right now, I'm spending my very first Thanksgiving overseas: I'm in Asia! You can see more on instagram (@heleneinbetween) and Snapchat (username: helenesula).

Let's get into the holiday season with a $130 gift card to Starbucks! You'll be caffeinated until at least the New Year. I've partnered with a great group of awesome blogging gals to offer you this chance to win. Enter using the rafflecopter below.

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The Ultimate Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Ahh the holidays. They are here! Last year I created the holiday gift guide for bloggers, so I wanted to do it again, this time with bloggers in every niche. The Ultimate Blogger Holiday Gift Guide. While, yes, these do say "blogger" these will work for anyone in this category on your list!

So let's get to it, you have Christmas shopping to do.
The Ultimate Blogger Holiday Gift Guide 2015

For the lifestyle blogger: The Perfect Wine Glass

She is a Jane of all trades, blogging about whatever suits her fancy. So you need to get her something fancy (and also, instagrammable, don't you think?). As a blogger, we love our wine. It's a fact. There is nothing cuter than a wine glass that is gold foiled. Amirite?! Yes. I am. She doesn't like wine? Get her the "Beer Snob" can glass instead.

For the travel blogger: A Travel Journal

I love travel journals. But ones that are useful are hard to find. This "Oh Darling" one from Etsy is only $8!

For the music blogger: The Ultimate Headphones

If sound quality is important to you (like it is to me!) then you'll need these awesome and beautiful headphones from Frends: with Benefits 'Layla' Headphones. Not only is that a clever name, these are the real deal. Leather wrapped that look as good as they sound.

For the blogger on the go: A Pretty Phone Case

It's become necessary to dress your tech. I like pretty cases that are also functional. Also this is gold. This might have become a theme this year... But regardless, this Sonix Wild Thing phone case is awesome. And there are plenty of pretty cases over here.

For the beauty blogger: A place to put it all

I love reading (or watching vlogs) that discuss beauty. But you know they have a lot of products. Shouldn't they have a pretty place to put it all? Or hide it from their significant other... "Oh no, I didn't buy another lipstick..."I love fun makeup bags. This etsy shop has tons that are super cute.

For the booky blogger: An Inspiring Bloggy Book

This blogger  A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr. Kate. Blogger, vlogger, and business owner-  Kate Albretch turned her incredible DIY's into a massive, awesome business.

For the blogger that loves her dog: A Shirt That Gives Back

This shirt from The Daily Tay is one of my all time faves. It's super soft and comfortable and she donates back to dogs? Hell yes. The "I Just Want to Hand With My Dog" is the perfect gift for anyone that loves dogs.  Nebrowse also has tons of other cute gifts I can't resist.

For the blogger boyfriend (or husband): Copper Mugs

You'll love them because they make great instagrams, he'll love them to put his favorite drink (aka Moscow Mule) and keep it cold. Or you could just go crazy and get him the clip in man bun. What a great stocking stuffer. Is this real life, Groupon!?

For the blogger on a budget: An affordable timepiece

I love watches but they are so dang expensive. This one is classy but priced under $25. Which is totally in my budget. It's silicone and gold and is the perfect color for this holiday season.

For the tech savvy: The best case

Macbook: check. Marble: check. Gold: check. I don't know what else you'd need in a case forever.  It's so pretty I could cry. Someone please buy me this.

For the sassy blogger: The perfect statement

When someone wants to make a sassy remark, this will be perfect for glancing at. Come on, you know the friend that needs this cross stitch sentiment.

For the out of touch blogger: A Blanket Scarf

You know those people that just don't get the trends? That's okay! Give her the gift of trendy, a blanket scarf. She'll probably use it as an actual blanket (these things are huge) but still, might as well.

For the fashion blogger: Well, she needs this

Honestly, you can't go wrong with a scarf. This one is the dreamiest ever. EVER.

For the mommy blogger: Wine and kid robot toys.

These are the softest toys that are known to man. I'm not kidding. Here's one that's shaped like peas. Or grab a key chain that's cute for you and distracting for your pesky two-year old. These plush toys can also be used as a pillow when your kid runs wild. Oh, and wine too. Use code "YUMMY615" for 15% off KidRobot.

For the DIY blogger: The Messy Box

The girls over at A Beautiful Mess really have it going on. They have some of the best blogger guides around. And as I see it, they are the queens of DIY. Their messy box is the perfect gift for anyone. It's $19.99 a month and comes with tons of DIY goodies.

The aspiring photographer blogger: A Cute Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini camera are so cute. I know, I have one. These take the perfect snapshots and are easy to throw in your bag and go.

For the interior designer blogger: Easy Home Decor

I am obsessed with these Brass Urchins. They just go perfectly anywhere in your house. I like them on coffee table, book shelves, or sitting pretty on your office desk. Really, you can't go wrong. And the price isn't bad either!

For the fitness blogger: A FitBit

I love my FitBit. So much so, I wrote a whole post about it. But seriously, I love tracking things and I'm sure everyone else does too. The FitBit ChargeHR tells me the best stats and then some.

For your blogger bestie: The Ultimate Earring

I am obsessed with bold, beautiful earrings. I can't think of a better gift for your blogger bestie than these Kaia Chandelier Earrings. So beautiful, and blog worthy, if you ask me. Want to really wow her? Have a stylist help you pick something out.

For the coffee crazed blogger: But First...

This mug is the cutest. It keeps it warm while making a statement.

For the every blogger: an e-course!

The best gift is the one that keeps on giving, right? The one that helps you grow. How about an e-course that impacts and helps your blog grow? For those that want to gain followers, likes, and creates engaged followers that want to read and buy your product, check out Instagram for Success. Or maybe you'd like to focus on your blog, gain tons of traffic, monetize your blog, create a community that cares, you need Quit Your Job to Blog.

So what's on your list this year? You can click on the image below to shop for each!

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The Truth About Iceland

The coolest thing about blogging is that you can connect with people from around the globe. You meet someone and find out you should probably be friends. Even when they live in Iceland. That's how I feel about Kaelene, anyway. She's one of the coolest chicks around. This isn't my opinion, it's a fact. She lives in Iceland and sees some of the coolest places (and waterfalls) around.

I have her on the blog today posting all about the place she now calls home. Also her pictures are downright breathtaking!FACTvsFICTION Hi everyone! I am Kaelene from Unlocking Kiki where you will find me blogging about my life in Iceland and the adventures it throws my way. Iceland, random right? Don't worry I have a perfectly good reason for moving up to almost the north pole. I fell for a Viking, end of reason. I have been living in my Vikings homeland for two years now, and with Iceland becoming the “it” place to travel to I am constantly getting questions about things people have heard about this unique country. Some of the things, well they are a bit out there, and others, well they are a bit out there too, but they are true. So to get the facts straight about this place I call home let's play a little game of Fact or Fiction. // Iceland is green and Greenland is covered in ice...Fact! Iceland, Unlocking Kiki This is the most common question I get about Iceland, and really all I knew about Iceland as well before I met my Viking. While you will still find ice covering parts of Iceland (like one of the largest glaciers in Europe!) the country for the most part is covered in gorgeous green landscape that makes for fairy-tale road trips. Well, in the summer time it is green, winter is a different story. // We live in igloos...Fiction Iceland, Unlocking KikiReykjavik - http://unlockingkiki.com Sorry to squash your idea that Iceland is the land of Eskimos and igloos but you won’t find anyone inside an ice house here. I may love my Viking but not enough to live in an igloo so I am more than happy that there are no igloos in sight. Instead the houses you will find are charming colorful ones in a range of colors, even neon green and purple. // The winter is completely dark...Fiction The Glacier Lagoon - http://unlockingkiki.com My first winter in Iceland everyone kept warning me about the long dark days ahead. In my mind this meant that I wouldn't see the sun for weeks and the days would be like one long never ending night. Thankfully I was totally wrong about this, and while the nights are certainly much longer we are still treated to at least 4 hours of daylight on the shortest days. 4 hours, okay that does sound way short, but the winter sunsets that we get to see at 3pm and the Northern Lights that light up the sky at night, they are gorgeous and worth it! // You have to get naked and shower before entering any of the popular swimming pools...Fact Reykjadalur You won't find any nude beaches here in Iceland but you will find everyone stripping down before getting into the popular swimming pools and hot springs. In fact, it is required that everyone takes a showers before putting on their bathing suit and entering the pools, even at the famous Blue Lagoon. Many first time visitors find this uncomfortable and people often ask me if they really have to strip and shower. My answer, yes, if you don't Icelanders will find it gross and disrespectful, I mean who wants to swim in dirty water right? But don't worry, everyone is doing it, so strip down, rinse off, and then head out to enjoy a relaxing swim in the hot pools. // All Icelanders believe in elves and trolls... Fact Dimmuborgir, Iceland Or fiction, depending on who you ask. It is often said that more than half of Icelanders believe in elves. It is up for debate as to how many Icelanders actually believe in elves, but you often hear stories of roads not being built somewhere because it would disrupt the elves, so maybe they believe more than they think. I have yet to decide which side of the debate I am on, but after visiting the elf church (pictured above) hidden in the lava fields I may be turning into a believer.
Want to learn more about this unique country I call home? Check out my Iceland page , it won't take long before you will be dreaming up your own Icelandic adventure! Want to know what it is like to be a foreigner living in Iceland? Well if your me it tends to be full of embarrassing moments, but always an adventure. Join me at Unlocking Kiki and follow along as I attempt to make a life as an American in Iceland. And to complete your Iceland education how about some Icelandic candy?! It is delicious I promise. Enter the giveaway below for your chance to sample some of the unique licorice chocolates of Iceland. And now you can go impress your friends with all your Icelandic knowledge.

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The 6 Kinds of Target Shoppers

I've cracked the ultimate code. There are 6 types of people that shop at Target. We all know them, we all see them. They're lurking in the shadows or moseying around in plain site. They especially like to come out when it's holiday time.

I drank a some wine and a cocktail and made a video.

Which one are you?

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