My Top 10 Pet Peeves - #Blogtober14 Day 22

I'm an irritable person. Always have been. To quote a Drake song, I go 0 to 100 real quick. I'll be perfectly fine and if Michael happens to say something to make me mad, I go off. It's a horrible quality but like I tell him, "You married it."
Therefore, my list of pet peeves is extensive, but these are the ones that I could readily think of. Come to think of it, it's a pet peeve of mine when I can't remember all my pet peeves.
I am Michael's pet peeve. Not sorry.

1. Ebola. The hysteria in Dallas is palpable.

2.  When I find a new song I love, but it's not on Spotify.

3. When a Facebook friend posts a question that could easily be answered by Google.

4. Couples that sit on the same side of the booth. How do you talk?

5. Automated phone conversations. "We're sorry we didn't understand everything you just said." RAGE.

6. How long my hair is right now. I need a hair cut badly.

7. When I can't find the right emoji for my text.

8. The sound of fingernail clippers. Not when I use them on myself. Just when I can hear Michael using them. Can't handle it.

9. People that don't like dogs.

10. When you meet someone new and they don't ask you one single question about yourself. I'm ending here since this is my number one pet peeve.

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Dream Vacation #Blogtober14 + Win $200 PayPal

I thought I might not make it today. After announcing my Etsy shop yesterday I was struggling to put together for a post for today. But look, I'm here, and #Blogtober14-ing right along. That's a lie, I'm barely making it over here. Only 10 days left.
My dream vacation currently is Australia. It's just so unlike anywhere I've ever been before. It's far away, it's beautiful, and I love the accents. If we are talking about a dream vacation then I'd be gone a solid month. I'd like to start in Sydney, spend a few days roaming around. Then head to Melbourne, check out Brisbane. I'd need a few days to see the Great Barrier Reef and head to Tasmania and see a koala.
Clearly, I need to do more research. But anywhere that looks like this works for me!
I wrote a Travel Bucket list that I'd love to complete one day. But man, real life gets in the way of everything.

You know what would be really nice right now? $200 cash. And that's what's going on right now! I've gotten together with some awesome ladies to give you a chance to win $200, enter in the Rafflecopter below!

Jackie ~ Our Nashville Life // Kelly ~ Six One Six
Shelly ~ Behind Blue Eyes // Cat ~ Oddly Lovely // Melany ~ Melany's GuyDlines
Desiee ~ Love Desiree // Danielle ~ The Lifestyle Project // Dee~ A Deecoded Life
Kimberly ~ p.s. remember this....// Brainne ~ Being Bracco // Helene ~ Helene in Between

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The Big Reveal

My life revolves around my next big idea. Family and close friends are used to it by now. It'll start with "Okay, listen to this one." Most of the time I get eye rolls or kind responses like, "That sounds interesting, Helene." It began at age 6. I remember scheming in my neighborhood. Not satisfied to just sell lemonade like the other kids, I also charged people extra for ice, and sold bracelets I made with Mardi Gras beads. 
A couple of times I knocked on neighbors' doors and sang a show tune, then smiled and stuck out my hand. "A dime for my time!" I wish I was making this up.
For a while I've been toying with t-shirts. My first try at design didn't work. It needed to be different and reflect my personality. Mostly, it needed to be something I cared about.
Born and raised in Texas, I will probably always live here —Texas forever. So I went with a Texas theme. Simple right? It was more of a process than I realized. But I'm finally ready to reveal my shirts!

Even Michael, a die-hard Texan and my biggest critic (which is a good thing), likes them and has been sporting the shirt all around Dallas. He likes the fact that they're homegrown, not just made in Texas but in Dallas. The shirts are Texas (and Dallas) themed, with the exception of the Wine Not? t-shirt.  I plan to add to the collection as I go. Made of soft, thick cotton, these t-shirts are all customizable, and can be ordered in different colors, too. (Especially university colors, including A&M, University of Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, SMU and more!)

You can find the shirts in my Etsy shop. There are several styles in addition to the t-shirts shown here, including sweatshirts and some Dallas shirts too. I've been excited and nervous to launch my shop, so I hope you'll check it out.

And it's on instagram! @TexasForeverEtsy
Even if you aren't from Texas, we all have a little Texas in us.

My Biggest Fear - #Blogtober14 Day 20

Is it just me, or is this entire year just zooming by? I feel like I just had my 27th birthday (January 14th is my date of birth in case you're wondering) and all of a sudden Christmas is around the corner.
Today's prompt is your biggest fear. This one is easy for me since I'm kind of a scardy cat. I cannot watch anything scary without having nightmares and I'll toss and turn thinking about the what ifs. I hate haunted houses. I see absolutely no reason to pay to get scared.
The last time I went to a scary movie in theaters was in high school with a group of friends. The only reason I went was because my crush was going to be there. I left within the first 15 minutes and went to the next showing of Starsky and Hutch. I was so petrified I sat next to a 10 year old kid and his mom and kept laughing with them in the near empty theater. I think I scared them.
 At the top of the Tomorrowland Ferris Wheel, freaking out.
I'm afraid of heights. Especially after falling 20 feet rock climbing (you can find out how I fell, or more accurately, how I was dropped, here. Beware: broken bones.)

Despite all of the above, my biggest fear is not doing something memorable. Living a life without purpose is downright terrifying. I want to do big things. I want to do something great. I want to be able to look back on my life and smile and feel accomplishment. So, my biggest fear is not achieving my goal.

Now if only I could figure out what that goal is.

What's your biggest fear?

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