I Totally Get It

We can't be experts on everything, but sometimes we just totally get it. You don't need to study it. It's just like, click- yeah I got it, no explanation needed. If you know what I mean, then you totally get it.
I used to think parents were lying when they said they couldn't pick between two kids. Now that I have two dogs, I totally get it. I couldn't possibly pick between them. So I also totally get parenthood now.

I've watched an episode of "Cops" so I totally get what it's like to be a cop. And that is not a profession I would be good at.

I fixed the printer at work so I totally get what it's like to work in IT.

I read Buzzfeed regularly, so I totally get what's going on in the news. I also know What my signature drink should be.

I once had a protein shake with muscle milk so I totally get what it must be like to be a body builder. 

I drank wine in Paris, so I totally get fine wines.

One time, someone recognized me from my blog, so I totally get what it's like to be famous. #humbled 

I listen to rap so I totally get what it must be like to be from the hood. I'm on my worst behavior, no. If you can't name that song you probably totally don't get it.

 I was on the radio once so I totally get it what it's like being on the radio regularly. And I'm not nervous at all about being on the radio tomorrow. (It will be aired in Belgium, I'm being interviewed about Tomorrowland. When it's live I'll be sure to post it here!)

One time I won $3 in a scratch off so I totally get what it's like to win a give away. But this one is way better than a scratch off.

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What do you totally get?

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I Was A Theater Nerd

Last night, Michael and I went to see a play, Beauty and the Beast. While I was watching the actors perform, sing, dance, etc I felt a pull from my past. I missed that. One thing you might not know about me: I was a theater nerd.

I'm not saying I was in one or two plays. I mean, I tried out and was in almost every play at my all girls Catholic school. And to answer your question, our brother school came in and played the male roles. But I once did play a man. In case you're wondering.
Here we are, the men. I invited Michael to this play...

I've always loved performing. Any excuse for me to be dramatic was a good one. I started early, my mom signed me up for a children's play and I loved that I got to ham it up. I danced and played soccer, but in middle school I started loving theater. My dad coached myself and a group of 6 other girls in "Odyssey of the Mind" where we wrote our own plays based on a few rules. I remember going for the part, writing a script, and improvising when things didn't go right. I realized, this is fun, I want to do this all the time.

I was cast as Cinderella in 7th grade and basically thought that was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life thus far. It kind of was. I would walk around school and the kindergarteners and 1st grade girls would see me and say, "Ohh it's the princess!" I was hooked.

I really didn't have a great singing voice, I just really wasn't afraid of anything. Sure, I got nervous, but I enjoyed that rush of adrenaline before getting on stage.

Here I am playing the rat in Charlotte's web. My drunk rat impersonation was spot on.
Something I also enjoyed: the competition. When I got to high school, tryouts for the play were more serious. I spent countless hours memorizing my song, lines, and character affectations.  I spent most weeknights in the dark auditorium with piles of books and my back pack on one of the chairs. I studied during breaks or when I wasn't in the scene. I learned my blocking (where to stand or move during a scene), I thought about what my character must be like growing up or what her favorite hobby was. I was so involved in theater I thought it would be my life. I thought that after high school, I would study it in college and maybe even be on Broadway or somewhere with a spotlight.
"Anything Goes" Im on the right in purple.
Clearly, that didn't happen. I really wasn't that good. I was a sub par triple threat at best. But, I just couldn't imagine a life without theater. My theater teacher, Mrs. Bone, who I'm still in contact with today, left a great impression on me. But she didn't just teach me about how to be a character on stage.

Looking back, theater taught me so much more than just how to memorize lines (although that was definitely helpful) but the way to study characters, how to "act" in certain situations, how to think on my feet and improvise, how to enunciate, and that you're not always going to get the part you want. What I value most is that it's okay to put yourself out there. You won't always be the star of the show. Sometimes you'll just get a bit part. But that's life, and the show must go on.

Linking up, since this technically counts as back in the day, right?

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Why I Use Blogger

I see posts all the time patting Wordpress on the back. Why people made the switch from Blogger to Wordpress. The benefits of Wordpress. Why Wordpress changes your life- that's one right? While I'm not a Wordpress blog, I do use it for work, so I do have somewhat of an understanding. But this blog, is a blogger blog. You can instantly tell from my "GFC" (Google Friend Connect) widget on the right of my blog.

While Wordpress does have it's advantages (SEO tools, owning your content,  built in plugins...) Blogger still has some pluses. So while everyone sings Wordpress' praises I'm here to state:

Why I Still  Use Blogger

-It's easy to understand. As far as a blogging platform goes, Blogger is very straightforward. You can immediately jump in and understand how to post, edit, and import pictures and how to gain followers.

-Design. Designing in Blogger is more simple than Wordpress. Of course, it's nice to have a blog designer but when you're just starting out, you can adjust the website to your liking.

-Google. Blogger is owned by Google and Google is basically God. Am I right?

- Stats. Your blog's statistics are simple and clear. You can see easily how you got traffic.

-Comments. Blogger offers a comment feature that links directly to your blog. While Wordpress does the same, you have to enter in your information each time, or you have to use a service like Disqus.

-Free. Blogger is completely free, while you have to pay to use Wordpress. It's $100 a year to own your site on Wordpress.

-Google Adsense. You can easily plug into Google Adsense and make money from your blog.

I think bottom line, in my case, Blogger is easier. So the ease of use means that I do miss out on some of the benefits.

Oh let me just touch on the problems with blogger: No reply bloggers, google plus, hyperventilation when posts disappear, not owning all your content, people scoffing at you since you aren't Wordpress, no plugins, mobile view, SEO, Wordpress users are cool, Google reader is gone, GFC is hard to understand for non bloggers, trackbacks aren't included, Google can tell you it hates your blog,  I make like $.50 from Google Adsense, people have to make an account to comment, pages get too big, if you need help you're SOL.... Well there's always something right?

Are you a Wordpress or Blogger user? 
If you've switched to either- why?

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