If You Don't Answer This, You Will Die

READ THIS! This blog post is haunted. If you don't forward this post along to at least 10 people, you'll never meet the love of your life because they'll die. You will have misfortune for the rest of your life and never be able to take a good, hot shower.
Sorry, facts are facts.

Brace yourselves, for this car selfie.

You know these chain emails? They have now made their way over to instagram. It's true. I was stalking Kendall Jenner (I'm ashamed to admit how often I do this) and people write things like this in the comments. Such as, if you don't go check out their instagram, this will surely happen to you.

Anyway I wanted to do the same with this post in the hope it will catch your attention.
I have a quick survey I'd love for you to answer. It is about my blog, and though I've done a blog questionnaire in the past, I've never really polled my readers before. I'd really like to know what kinds of posts people like. So please do me the honor and answer it (it's super short, anonymous, and multiple choice). Otherwise, you'll be cursed. The truth hurts.

Thank you in advance for taking the survey!


A History With Britney

All my life I've had little obsessions. When I was 10 I was sure that when I died I would go to heaven and marry Elvis. I had an Elvis themed birthday. We played pin the mic on Elvis. And I carried various Elvis memorabilia.
Then I switched to Ben Affleck. I pined for him through the TV screen. Then I switched to JC from N*Sync. But my biggest obsession of all time was/is Britney Spears.

It's actually pretty interesting to look back at my love for her, because it also shows the passage of time. This week, for the first time in my life, I get to see Britney perform live. So, I thought what better way to show my love for her, than with a post about our history together.
...Baby One More Time came out in January of 1999. I was 12 years old. I remember my best friends and I went to buy the song and the only way I could find it was on tape (one that I still own, by the way.) Do tapes even exist these days? I dressed up in the same outfit she had on in the video- which was pretty easy since I already wore a uniform.

When Oops I Did It Again came out, I learned every single move from the video (in case you're wondering, I still know the choreography.) This might sound silly, but I think she influenced why I started dancing. She just seemed so confident, fit, and hot while dancing and I wanted that. I'd dance in the reflection of my large window every single night for hours on end. 
I wanted to be just like her. And I took that a little farther when I proclaimed to anyone that would listen that she was my second cousin. It was a very strange habit for a high school girl, but I went with it. When someone told me I looked like her (as did anyone with blonde hair at the time) I ran with it. It was a lie I would forget to mention that wasn't true from time to time. Whoops.

I worked out to her music videos and started doing 300 crunches a day when I heard that's what she did. I need to pick back up that practice. 

My friend (who happens to be with me in Vegas right now) supported my obsession by gifting me a life-size cardboard cut out of her for my birthday one year. Sadly, I cannot find any pictures of this, but it looked something like this.
 I woke up and went to sleep with Britney looking at me from the corner of my room every night.

I was in shock and awe of how she seemed to push the buttons on sexuality (like when she kissed Madonna), yet maintain this good girl next door attitude.

My love for her was so well known that I actually got to meet her when a girl from my school was invited to see her at the race track outside of Dallas. Picture is at the top of this post, that epic story here.
I got into a verbal disagreement with a teacher at my school who told me she wasn't talented.

I felt personally victimized when she shaved her head in 2007. People would ask me what I thought about her and I was always kept quiet on the matter. I still blame Justin.

I had every hope that she would come out of it, better than ever. I was her silent cheerleader. As soon as she came out with the album "Blackout" I bought it and tried to listen for clues of her getting better.
In 2008 I felt like she was getting back to normal with "Circus." On the way to Florida for my annual's family trip to the beach we got out for gas. I played Radar and made a scene when I full out danced in the parking lot.
A couple years ago a Britney song came on in the club and I had a dance off with a guy we later found out was on So You Think You Can Dance. I won, in case you're wondering.

If a Britney song comes on, I still dance like I'm performing for a crowd (which I usually am because people stop and look at the girl doing choreography on a sticky bar floor.)
No matter the ups, downs, head shaves, and more, I've been a fan. I really can't wait to see her, this is a dream come true. I've never seen her live because of one thing or another. But as you can see, the obsession has never died.

Follow along with me on instagram, @heleneinbetween for tonight's antics and maybe I'll even sneak back stage!


How to Fit Everything In Your Carry On

Last week I wrote about why I always carry on my luggage. I was shocked at how some people are pro carry on, against it, and some of y'all just seemed to wonder how I cram everything in. I do have a secret, so I thought I'd share it with you on how to really pack light.
Here's a look at my bag today. I'm packing for round two of Vegas this week (to see Britney!) and need to wear comfy and casual, along with some stuff to dress up in. For reference, I'm leaving Tuesday, coming back Friday. So I packed for 4 days and 3 nights. Every single thing is included here, including what I'm wearing on the plane.

Here's the break down of what I bring:

Clothing and Accessories:
4 t-shirts - My friend Ally and I made shirts to wear for Britney, plus 2 to sleep in and 1 to run around in (this is probably overkill, but I like to have extra in case I get sweaty).
One pair of shorts
Two pairs of leggings
One pair of workout shorts
Three Dresses - again, probably overkill
Two cardigans
One sequin skirt
Two chunky sweaters (one will be worn on the plane)
One button up shirt
Two scarves
Three sports bras
Two bras- one strapless, one with straps
One bikini
Two pairs of tights - I always bring two in case I get a hole
One tank top
5 pair of underwear

Boots (will be worn on the plane to save room)
Tennis shoes
Black flats
Four pairs of socks

All in the small pink bag and mostly gold and silver, so I can switch it up easily. 

Travel size sunscreen
Travel size toothpaste
Travel size leave in conditioner
Travel size dry shampoo (I never travel without it!)
2 mascaras
4 lipsticks
1 Bronzer
1 Concealer 
2 nail polishes (In case I get a chip)
1 travel size brush

Other items:
2 books to read
Phone charger

The secret: Don't care.
I do not pack a single hair tool. Not a blow dryer, not a straighter (not that I would anyway, I straighten my hair about 4 times a year), not a curling iron. I'm low maintenance when it comes to my hair but if you can be when traveling that's a big plus. Usually hotels have blow dryers anyway.
Some tips: scarves or anything that can be layered is great. This way you can switch up your outfits or take layers off if it warms up during the day.
Comfortable shoes are key. You won't see me bring heels (not that I wear them anyway).
I stuff my socks inside my shoes and put my shoes on the side of my bag. It just seems to work best.

Here she is all packed up, I even have some room to spare.

Hope this was somewhat helpful!


9 Girly Things I Can't Figure Out

I'd like to consider myself a girly girl. I love lipstick and hair and pretty things. I enjoy getting ready and singing into my blow dryer. I can't pass up a sale on cute clothes and I'm mindful of my posture. But, there are some very girly things that I just don't get.

1. Uber expensive name brands. I just feel like we're paying for the name, not necessarily for the quality.

2. Manicures. I know, believe me, this is probably very weird. But I don't understand spending $20+ on my nails when I can do it at home.

3. Most hair tools. Especially that curling iron wand. I don't get it. Also, I'm lucky if I blow dry my hair.

4. Filling in eyebrows. Maybe this is because I'm blonde but every time I try I look like a clown.

5. Cat eyes. Or really eyeliner in generally. I'm so bad at it. If I do wear it I just put it on half of my eye.

6. Bronzer. I always put on too much and have to wipe a quarter of it off.

7. Makeup brushes. Why are there so many and why are they so expensive?

8. Wearing heels. They hurt your feet and are bad for your calves. Plus, your legs don't look good in them if you can't walk.

9. Eyelash curler. Once, a lady a Sephora tried it on me and it reminded me of a torture device. Plus, is it really necessary?

Do you agree? Or are you the ultimate girl?
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