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Introducing: Instagram For Success

I'm on a virtual (literally) high right now from Wednesday's webinar: Get Paid to Blog. There were over 300 who watched the live Webinar and even more who watched the replay. We laughed, we learned, and I think we all because best friends. People from ALL OVER THE WORLD watched!

While I've been hard at work on that webinar, I've also had another trick up my sleeve. A new webinar/E-course: Instagram for Success. Instagram is everyone's favorite social media tool and for a while I wasn't really using it as a tool for my blog. Then, when I did, everything changed. I want to show you how to leverage Instagram to strategically grow your blog and your business.
Instagram For Success an new Webinar and E Course For Bloggers

Using Instagram as a tool for my blog has:

  • Increased my follower count by 63% (in the last 5 months I gained over 8,000 followers. One year ago I had less than 2,000 followers. I currently have over 12,600.)
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  • Increased my page views 43% (!!)
  • Found out my personal brand and what works for me
  • Established a community on Instagram
  • QUADRUPLED my likes
  • Increased comments by 57%
  • Featured by huge brands who post my original photos:

So what does this all really mean? Or... Why does it matter?
Because I've been able to utilize Instagram as a tool to gain readers and followers to my blog. These people are engaged and active. They not only like and comment on my photos, they also read my posts and even buy my product. And I want to show you how you can do that too.

Because I love the interaction you get out of live webinars, this will be a live class.
In this LIVE webinar (on SEPTEMBER 16th) you'll learn:
  • How to gain followers and drive traffic to your site (How I've consistently gained 1,000 new followers per month!)
  • How to edit photos and post consistently
  • The trick to more interaction, likes, and followers
  • How to get featured by BIG brands
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid that 98% of instagrammers are doing!
+ Free Printables, Worksheets, Private Community, + Live Q&A!

Take a look at my before and after editing pictures!

However, if you can't make it you can still sign up! You'll get a recording of the live webinar.

All who sign up will get the webinar recording (listen to it whenever you need a refresh.) You'll also get:

- A printable for how to succeed with Instagram
- A worksheet on ideas on what and when to post - I'm going to show you the best times for you to PERSONALLY post!
- A printable on exactly how I edit my Instagram photo
- A guide on all my tools and secrets for success, and the exact path I've taken to quadruple my Instagram following
- A Private Community dedicated to help you succeed with Instagram and grow your following

You will gain followers, likes, interaction, AND more traffic to your blog using this method so that you can make money blogging, get more sales, and have more readers!

You'll also find out:
Do you really need those expensive add-on lenses?
Do loop Giveaways work?
How to master the "Flatlay"
How to use apps to track followers, likes, and engagement (for FREE!)
....And SO much more

Look, I know there are webinars out there but I want to show you how this works for your blog or business and how you can turn this into a revenue stream with a community of engaged followers.
Oh, and one more thing. 10% of ALL proceeds are going to Charity. I am a firm believer of the power of writing and what it can do for your life. So I'm donating 10% of all proceeds to National Novel Writing Month.  
Many of you have heard of National Novel Writing Month Short hand: NaNoWriMo? Well they have a whole TEAM of people that help you write for free. But they need money. So I wanted to give money to an organization that helps writes (like us) succeed. The money donated goes toward their Young Writers program to help kids express themselves- something I’ve very passionate about. For me, writing has changed my life for the better. 

National Novel Writing Month supports 500,000 kids and adults in approximately 200 countries, 2,000 classrooms, 650 libraries, and 600 NaNoWriMo regions every year.

So not only can you learn something when you join this class, you can feel good about doing it! There are already 50 people signed up... what are you waiting for?!

Instagram for Success is $107... but this price won't last!! This price is only good until September 9th and then increases to $157. Live Webinar takes place September 16th at 8pm central.
Purchase Here:


Blogging Income Report For August + FREE Webinar TODAY

I had no idea it was so interesting to read a blogging income report, until I read someone else's. I was like, oh wow! That's how you make money blogging?! And then a few people asked me about how much money I made. At first I thought, oh hell no. I don't even know. Then I decided to hold myself accountable, and track every little thing for August (I should be anyway.)

Blogging Income Report For August 2015

I really enjoyed seeing my blogging income. For one, it keeps me on track and two, it helps me set goals for the next month. So let's take a look at what my August Blogging Income was:

August Income:

Sponsored Posts  $2,149.44
Sidebar Advertisements  $325.28
Google Ads  $75.39
Affiliate Links  $344.65
BlogHer  $417.10

Total Income for August: $3,311.86

Total Expenses for August:

Webinar Course $297
*LeadPages   $400 
Sponsorship on other blogs  $155
Photobucket  $4.99
Facebook Ads  $59.11
Pinterest Ads  $122
Photo Editing Tools  $15.50
Giveaways  $50
*BoardBooster $75
*MailChimp  $15

Total Spent: $1,193.60

Total Profit: $2,118.26

*Denotes affiliate link

This month I spent more money on my blog than I EVER HAD BEFORE. That's because I'm really excited to start offering live webinars! I want these to be as informative and professional as possible, so I took a lot of classes, bought all the software, and decided now is the time to invest in my blog.

So far, I feel pretty good about that. Next month, my goals are to bring in more and spend a little less. However, since investing in my blog (just over the last month) I've seen a huge increase in my page views and affiliate sales. So all in all, I feel like sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

The biggest expense, but so far, most helpful, is LeadPages. I'd heard bloggers talk about how wonderful it is for a long time, but it wasn't until I launched my newsletter that I decided I needed it. Boy, where had I been!? This is the best tool ever.
Basically, it's a very easy to use landing page generator. I've used it for all of my pages for the Free webinar "Get Paid to Blog." I also used it to gain more emails for my newsletter. It's all super customizable and I basically wouldn't have been able to do any of the things I have planned without it. LeadPages is an investment, but definitely worth it if you're interested.

Next, is the newsletter email marketing service I use: MailChimp. It can be free but because I've increased my subscribers a lot recently, I only pay $15 a month. Also, a super easy to use tool.

I also bought BoardBooster, which helps you manage your Pinterest boards. I think I might need to do a full review post on this one, since I never really looked into my Pinterest boards quite like this before. I've already seen an increase in followers and redirects back to my blog. It's usually only $5 a month, but I opted to have the team walk me through getting started with BoardBooster.

Goals for next month are to cut way down on spending, pull back on the sponsored posts, and focus more on webinars and coaching.

Want to hear the exact way I make money blogging and how you can too (plus do really awesome things with your blog?!)  You'll find my top secret tools and tricks and how you can start making an income with your blog. My totally FREE webinar "Get Paid to Blog" is tonight at 8pm central! Even if you can't make it, sign up, I'll be sending out a replay to those that attend!


Why You NEED To Reply To Comments

The other day I got lazy. I had a busy work day and didn't feel like replying to comments from my most recent post. I selected all, and hit delete. Ahhhh was the initial feeling. But then, I realized that I probably should have thought before hitting delete all.

Later on, I commented on a post where I really felt like I gave my full opinion. I felt strongly about the blog post, and asked the blogger a question.

She never responded.

I felt angry. I felt like I put myself out there, read her post, and commented my thoughts and questions - didn't that deserve a response? Yes. It did. And so did the comments that were left on my post.

I think the interesting thing about blogging, something that's different from other platforms out there, is the ability to connect and engage online. You find out things you have in common with total strangers and people from around the world. You make friends and connections that you wouldn't otherwise.

Despite connections- what else does responding to comments do for your blog? I've talked about the importance of commenting on other's blogs before- but what about replying to comments on your own blog?

You can increase traffic to your blog. When someone comments, they are interested in your blog. Responding to comments (almost) guarantees they will come back or follow you in some way. People are also interested in what others have to say.

Let's say you have a controversial post. Readers might even be more interested in other's responses and their stance. When you respond to comments, you encourage people to come back and to keep giving their point of view.

Usually, people who respond to comments are more likely to follow you, share your post, and are more interested in sticking around for more - so treat them right- RESPOND!

Hence, the importance of responding and engaging with your audience. Not just because you should, but because it's a great way to keep your readers interested and feel like their response was worth it. Otherwise, they might just stop responding and reading in general.

****If you are NOT receiving comments back from me, it's because you're a no-reply blogger (meaning I can't send you an email back to respond) Sarah has a great tutorial on how to fix that!***

Do you agree? Do you respond to comments on your blog?

P.S. Don't forget my FREE Webinar: Get Paid to Blog starts tomorrow! Register here, if you haven't yet:


15 Things I'll Stop Doing in My 30's

It kind of hit me lately that I'm growing up. I'm 28 years old and I've still got quite a lot of bad habits. I'm not ashamed. But I do have a goal to be more of an adult once I hit age 30 (which is just two short years away).

So here we go, 15 Things I'll Stop Doing in My 30's:
15 Things I'll Stop Doing in My 30's

1. Eating fast food after a night out. Just because you've had something to drink doesn't mean you need greasy fries. Just go to bed, Helene!

2. Biting my nails.

3. Drinking Diet Cokes for breakfast.

4. Drinking Diet Coke at all. 

5. Stop worrying about what others think.

6. Disliking someone because my friend dislikes someone.

7. Wearing friendship bracelets (maybe I should have stopped that after age 13.)

8. Shopping at Forever 21.

9. Looking at my phone doing mindless things when I could be productive.

10. Listening to Boy Bands.

11. Doing Buzzfeed quizzes.

12. Staying out late on the weekends.

13. Highlighting my hair. (I hate it and it takes forever.)

14. Wearing ratty sweatpants in public.

15. Caring about whether or not any of the above is age appropriate, and just do what I want!

When I first started making this list, I was serious. I really should stop drinking diet coke and biting my nails is a bad habit. Really bad. But, there are a lot of things women (and men) are told they're supposed to do at a certain age. You know what? I don't care.

Age really is just a number, after all. If it's weird for me to be shopping at Forever 21 at age 30, then so be it. I might still be shopping there when I'm old and gray. I think the point of life is to be completely fine with who you are. There's nothing wrong with listening to boy bands or wearing sweatpants in public.

My only, real, hope is that as I get older I'm comfortable in who I am and not stressed about how the general public views my life. So #5 is really, the only one that counts on this list. In the end, I'm sure I'll continue to do all of these things because I've never really stopped doing anything. I'm no quitter.

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