If I Had To Plan My Wedding Again

Oh, weddings. The happiest, most planned out day of your life. My wedding day was absolutely one of my favorite days. Everything just felt good about that day. Of course, there were some hiccups, but at the end of the day I was married and thrilled about it.
Being engaged is such an exciting time and the two years that I was engaged flew by.  Looking back now, I think there were some things I would change about the Big Day. Hindsight is always 20-20, and I'm a worrier at heart.
If I Had to plan My wedding again

I interviewed 14 florists. That's a one and then a four. No one cares about your flowers. Not really. I didn't need to spend that much time thinking about floral arrangements.

I should have registered for much more. I know they TOLD me to register for a lot, but Michael was so particular about checking the reviews of almost everything, I just registered for what I thought we needed and was done. You need to register for it all. Just do it.

Find the right photographer for your engagement pictures. I loved my wedding photographer, but Michael was trying to be nice and bought a Groupon for our engagements (big mistake). I hated them. When it comes to any kind of photos, you want to like them, especially ones that have to do with your wedding day.

I'd hire a videographer. I didn't have one and although I wouldn't watch it too often, it'd still be nice to have it on film.

Get over it. I remember I was shopping in the Galleria Mall, in Dallas, when my mom called to tell me that the venue didn't allow candles. I started crying - in the mall - and spent a few hours searching for other venues. In the end, I kept the original venue and we had LED candles and it was just fine. It was extremely silly of me to get that worked over those little things that just didn't matter.

 If I had to plan my wedding again I'd definitely use Wedding Party. It's a service that provides a custom app and website to help spread the word about your wedding. Engaged couples can connect with their guests about the Big Day, share their registry, accommodations, photos, and more. The best part, of course, it's free!

It's a great way for your guests to stay up-to-date with everything going on with your wedding and get all the info they need. My favorite feature  is the planning section, which is filled with tips for your wedding. It's like a side kick that will help you along the way! They even have a wedding blog filled with advice, beautiful wedding images, and an inspiration button for your wedding (I especially love this one about taking selfies).
To get you in gear, Wedding Party is offering a $50 gift card to Etsy to help you with planning or to get your creativity flowing! Enter in the rafflecopter below:

If you're married- how would you plan your wedding differently? If you're not- what's one thing that you might change about weddings you've been to?

*This post was sponsored by Wedding Party, but all opinions are my own.


Fall Date Ideas with Golden Tote

I don't care what the temperature reads, I'm ready for Fall. When I say that, I mean I'm ready to dress for Fall. Bring on the riding boots, the leggings, the chunky sweaters, the comfy cardigans, the flowy blouses - all of it. I think it's safe to say that Fall has my favorite clothing items. While I love neon, I can't help but prefer the more comfortable (and forgiving) Fall colors.
Fall is the busiest time of year for me. There is always something to do. Whenever September rolls around I feel the urge to purchase some new items for my Fall wardrobe. But this year, I just don't have time to shop.
But this year, it was easier than ever. That's because this year, Golden Tote did all the work for me. The first Monday of every month, Golden Tote will send you name-brand, beautiful items. You can choose your price point: $49 for 2-3 items (up to a $250 value) or $149 for 5-7 items (up to a $600 value!). Since they are sending you the items together you're able to save big. You fill out a style profile, you pick 1-2 must have items, and Golden Tote will pick out the rest for you! I loved every single piece in my tote. Especially this gorgeous, over-sized chunky cardigan! 

Since I have a new wardrobe I decided to pick some fun Fall Date Ideas to go along with my new clothing.
This sweater is perfect for nights near the fire, a game night, or picking out a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch! 
My face is a little deer-in-the-headlights esque, oh well, deers love Fall. Right?
I adore this detailed sweatshirt. Not only is it maroon- I'll be cheering on the Aggies this weekend (Michael went to A&M) it's great for hanging around the house. I'd also wear this on a date shopping at the mall (or for Halloween costumes), going to our favorite BYOB Italian restaurant, or pumpkin carving!
 Millie loved the dress so she had to crash the picture! This little shift dress is breathable and fun. I love the pattern. This dress would be perfect for a Harvest fest, dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, or for Fall get togethers.
Here's a few more items that came with my tote. On top are the fancy sweatpants- I'm still trying to figure out just where to wear these, but they are just so comfortable I don't care! The leather band at the top really makes it feel fancy. These would be perfect for a picnic or decorating the house for Fall.
The swing dress on the bottom left is perfect for dancing. Well, any of these outfits are, but how can you not go dancing in a swing dress? The flowy shirt is so comfy and pretty- this would be great for going to the movies, or even a haunted house. Which, I for one, will never go to again.

I was shocked at all the perfect pieces from Golden Tote that fit my wardrobe and personality perfectly! If you don't like your items, you simply send them back! But it's safe to say I liked all of mine. I do wish there was a way to only send a few items back (instead of the whole thing) but all in all this is a great service.

What Fall date ideas do you have planned? What are your favorite items for Fall?

*Golden Tote sent me the items but all opinions are my own.


LIVE: The Blog Auction #2 (Ended)

It's safe to say Blog Auction Days are my favorite days. If you're new here, welcome to The Blog Auction! This is your chance to bid on some awesome items at a discounted price like:
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Here's how it works: 2 weeks ago the auction was announced (you can also see all the rules there as well) and sign ups to sell were open for two weeks. Now the auction is live and will end at 11:59pm central time.
Helene in Between

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All The Fall Things

Even though Texas is refusing to technically be Fall, I'm declaring it for myself. Yes, the temperatures might be in the 80s (and low 90s) but, I'm ready for Fall. So, to celebrate, I wrote a little song. It's to the tune of Blink 182's "All The Small Things", naturally.

 Seriously, hit play before you read this. I spent entirely too much time making this sync up exactly with the lyrics.

All the Fall Things,
You'll wear jeggings.

Pump-kin spice things,
Tie up boot strings.

Always, I know,
Candles will glow.

Drinking, Eating, Decorating.

Autumn is here,
Let me be clear.

Turn the TV on,
Fall hit the blogosphere.

Na na na na na na na na PUMPKINS na na na na na

Late night, gets cold.
Sweaters, unfold.

He left me a Pumpkin spice latte.
I like to drink it reading Dante.

Autumn is here,
Let me be clear.
Turn the TV on,
Fall hit the blogosphere.

Na na na na na na na na PUMPKINS na na na na na

It works right?
Even though I might not be able to dress like it's Fall quite yet, my nails can still say it's Fall. After all, your nails do say quite a lot about you. I received four awesome nail colors, perfect for Fall, from Fab Polish. Fab Polish is a monthly subscription box that delivers new polishes directly to your door! I am loving these dark and glittery colors from Orly, so much so, I just couldn't decide and I painted them all different shades.

For only $14.99. If you use code "HIB50" you can get the box for just $7.49 - a 50% savings!
These are brand name nail polishes and will always be on trend for the month. I love this idea since I'm always on the hunt for a new shade- now I get a surprise package each month!

Want to win it? Two super easy entries below:

P.S. Don't forget that tomorrow is the second blog auction! Get ready to bid on some awesome items!
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