Here was my weekend y'all.

Jamming to Spoitfy on my couch reading blogs and eating sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes. A lot. Oh and my mother in law came by our house. So there's that.
I also mourned the loss of Hostess like every good American.

And since I have so many lovely new readers to my blog I thought I would tell you all how I broke my ankle and leg. It's a really sweet tale. Not. 

It was September 30th and we just got back from the fair. 

R.I.P. Big Tex
My husband is very outdoorsy.
Me? Not so much.
He and I have been rock climbing for the past month though. 
Well, on this day, we went to this rock climbing gym for one of his work functions (he is a wellness coordinator and leads this kind of stuff).
Being the sweet heart I am, I see a girl that doesn't have a partner. 
So I pair up with her. Then after some trouble here and there with her, I rock climb again.
I do fine and get to the top- 25 feet. 
I look down at this chick and she tells me to come on down. For some reason, I had a feeling. I didn't feel secure. 
So I meander down a few feet. Now I am about 20 feet high.
She again says, "Helene, I got you!"
Ok, I mean I have to trust you.

I release from the wall, putting all my weight on the harness.

She did not have me.
In fact she was doing it all wrong, why this time I have no idea.
She held the belay device wide open allowing the rope to fly right through and I fly down. Also, I am screaming for dear life to, "Let Go! LET GO!"
If she had let go, the safety device would have kicked in, the rope would have been caught and I would not have fallen.

I fall on my right ankle (no driving for me).
I hear it crack and see it dislocate.

I luckily got an emergency surgery.
I have 8 screws and a plate (not a dinner one) forever in my leg.

You know what people ask me about the most?
How will I get through airport security.
And I don't know that answer.

I can't walk for 2+ months (But I am thankfully on the second month! Time flies when you're... no it doesn't.) And then another month of partial weight. 
I better not miss Mardi Gras this year. That is the most important thing here!

there is some good.
I can't do anything for myself.
If I'm hungry my husband brings me food. I certainly don't clean. For a month I couldn't work. Which all in all isn't that bad. I have a walker. I am choosing to be an old lady and not a high schooler with crutches. Thank you. And the dog likes it.

Then I think of people like Lauren Scruggs. A gorgeous, talented blogger who lost her left eye and hand in a plane propeller. If you haven't read about her story, it's amazing. And I shouldn't be complaining a lick. It makes me realize you just have to get up, whether you hobble around or walk with two feet, and move on and be thankful for what you have. 

Have you ever broken a bone?


  1. Ouch!!! We are both in the wars!
    You poor thing. Two months with no walking. Have you gone insane yet? I was going to tell you your weekend sounded divinely relaxing, but on second thought, I guess you've done that every day in the past two months ;P

    Speedy leg recovery! xx

  2. What! Is it still broken!

    Now I'm never rock climbing.


  3. I guess that was my first time reading that - it sounds AWFUL!! You poor thing :( Hopefully it will be a speedy recovery girlfriend!


  4. Omg!!I think it's scary enough just doing rock climbing, but breaking your ankle and leg from it!! You poor thing!!xo

  5. I seriously can't get over this. How did you react to the girl after she dropped you? That's what I want to know!

  6. Ok - so did you hear that Twinkies may not be gone forever??? Apparently a company may purchase the rights to make them? Long live Twinkies!!!!!!!

    Pearls & Paws

  7. "My mother-in-law came by our house. So there's that." Bahaha just lost my shit. My thoughts exactly!

    Also, this story still makes me want to vom. Hope you'll update once you have your first airport security experience! {I remember when her accident happened last year, but I just read an update on Lauren Scruggs in PEOPLE last week. She's is a freaking inspiration!}

    1. I needed to randomly see this today. Hubs and I are headed to therapy to talk about his parents and how to deal with their hatred of me.

  8. Umm, ouch. That picture looks super painful. But at least the husband is taking good care of you. And you're not being a teenager with crutches. ;)

    I love your positive attitude. You'd have every right to be "woe is me," yet you're recognizing that it can in fact, be worse. Beautiful, my friend.


  9. Oh my gosh! That girl! Surely she felt awful.

    And your x-ray! Geeze girl, it looks rough.

  10. Daaaaang, you have gotten a lot of new followers! go you!

  11. You go girl! You'll be back up and running in no time! And just for the record, I think you're cooler than Lauren Scruggs, because she walked into a moving plane prop. Ehhh, you had no control over this girl who clearly just dropped the ball when it came to paying attention. Feel better soon!

  12. I heard on the radio that some mexican company is going to buy hostess because they have access to cheap sugar? Sooo ya. Never fear they'll be back and everyone will go on to think they are gross again haha. I cannot believe that's how you broke your leg. I would have kicked that girl's ass hahaha.

  13. Ugh I had wondered how you did it!! I had a broken wrist for like, 8 months with all the surgeries and therapy. I don't think it's as bad as the leg because I could still drive and walk...but I am right handed so it kind of sucked, lol.

  14. Oh my gosh, I hope that girl apologized a million times to you! Glad you're already on the 2nd month which means you're on the road to recovery.

    The Tiny Heart

  15. You poor thing!! Ouch! I have never broken a bone myself and can't imagine the pain. Each of my 3 kids have had a broken bone before.

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)


  16. Girrrrl, I've never even had stitches aside from when my wisdom teeth got taken out.

    Hurrah for month two! I hope it goes by in a flash.

  17. oh yikes! that's no fun! I've never broken a bone, that I can remember at least. lol
    Hope it heals up soon for you!

  18. Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine not walking for 2 months. I can imagine my husband slaving over me though :)

  19. Poor thing, hope you are healed soon!

  20. Hilarious but sad story! So glad you're okay and it wasn't worse... although it was definitely pretty bad. :-/

    I broke my foot by stepping off a step. That's all. Just stepping. But I was 7 months pregnant at the time and my husband was deployed. The next few months were not fun!

  21. Holy Cow! I would never ever trust ANYONE again. Like EVER. No one. Gosh! My aunt has like a thousand screws in her leg. She has yet to go off in a metal detector. I wonder if you go through the new TSA scanner if they would think you were smuggling something though. THAT, would be the better question :)

  22. Oh man that looks like it kills! Hope you get better soon! PS my brother used to work at hostess, he left just in time!!

    XO http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com/

  23. Hi! Following you back from the hop:-)

  24. I broke my wrist coming in my front door with a soda in my hand . The back of the door caught my heel of my shoe and I went foward into the back of the couch. I was so pissed because I was starving and thirsty and obviously stupid. I also gave up loafers after that day. They suck!

  25. Never have broken a bone, but I feel for ya! I also love the walker and how it appears to also serve as a TV tray...it's the little things :)

    Keep on keepin on!

  26. oh my goodness, what a story!!! i do hope you recover quickly and feel better soon!!

  27. Girl, you will be good as new soon!!! Keep your chin and ankle up! ;) Big hugs!! And big tears for the Twinkie....but I heard another company is going to recreate....rumors...hope they are true!

  28. that is terrible!! at least you're looking at some of the good things - like being waited on! but i'm sure you'll be glad to be done with that all!

  29. OMG!! Came by from Sarah at TBC and holy cow!! I am glad you're ok, but man that just sucks!! I have been rock climbing and love it, but definitely only have the instructors or my friend (who used to teach rock climbing class for beginners) handle those ropes!! Glad you're fine!!

  30. When I weighed over 400lbs (yes.. seriously), I would always fracture my ankles because well.. you consider carrying around all that weight, being silly, mixed with a clutz-- I would go to walmart and ride in the wheelchair carts.. in doing so, it was my mission to try to run over all small children and elderly. Hey.. I'm honest, right? HAHA

  31. Oh my goodness. I'm going to guess that girl ha not become a dear friend. That is terrible.

    Having permanent screws in your foot must have been such a hassle through airport security on your recent travels. Gah, that girl!

  32. OH my gosh, Helene. That is seriously awful. How freaking terrifying to be falling twenty feet...!!!! I would have punched her. No, but seriously... That x-ray looks awful! Glad to see that you must be okay going through security judging by how many times you've been to Tomorrowland! ;)


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