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My Halloween Costume – #Blogtober14 Day 31

I blogged 31 days in a row. If you did too please accept a virtual high five from me. This was hard work. At one point I really didn’t think I was going to make it. But we did it! And here we are on the last day. I’m a little bit sad it’s over. It helps if you plan out post topics for each day. I really enjoyed this challenge and can’t thank Taylor enough for being an excellent co-host. We *might* have to do this again next year. What do you think? Oh, and happy Halloween! I’m going to a Halloween party tonight. To see me in costume, follow me on instagram @heleneinbetween. My costume choice is a little embarrassing. I figured it out a while ago, then after I told people what I was dressing up as I was met with blank stares. It’s a natural for...

The Facts of Helene – #Blogtober14 Day 30

I’m a sucker for get to know you posts. I love reading random facts on other blogs. Mainly because I like to see if they are even remotely as quirky as I am. So if you’re new or old to Helene in Between, here are the facts of me: -I’ve never had credit card debt. Not ever. I always pay my bills or I just don’t buy it because I’m terrified of being homeless. -My nickname is bird. I wonder why? After this picture was taken Michael said it looked like a bird drinking wine. -People have a really hard time pronouncing Helene. -I will never get a tattoo. -I buy too many sunglasses. I hoard them. I never want to throw any of them out, you know, in case they come back in style. -Popcorn is my favorite food. I have a popcorn popper that I use at home...

My Most Embarrssing Moment – #Blogtober14 Day 29

In the 8th grade I had the confidence most 21-year-olds have on their birthday after 5 buttery nipple shots. Despite my slightly crooked teeth, (that would later be fixed by braces that I would wear until November, senior year of high school) my dishwater dull blonde hair, and the height of a 5th grader; I was fairly self assured. This mainly came from my theater teachers who praised my undying love for singing show tunes and acting timid as the lead role in Cinderella. I went to a Catholic school and every Friday we went to All School Mass. I looked forward to the hour away from class and would situate myself near my best friend and slightly behind the pimply faced boy I had a crush on, so I could day dream about him as we spoke-sang the Our Father. But towards the end of 8th grade, all theater...

The Business of Blogging

When I started blogging, I thought this would be a fun hobby. One where I could get creative and talk about the mundane or exciting things I found interesting. But blogging has turned into a passion of mine. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it often. But I enjoy it. It’s brought me to connect with a lot of great people and do things I would never have the chance to do. I never knew that blogging would take up so much of my time and how much money I’d spend on the blog itself. Sarah and I were talking about this the other day, so I give her full credit for the idea of this post. Here are a few things I spend my money on for my blog, I’ll break down how much each thing costs for a year. Things I buy for my...

My Superstitions- #Blogtober14 Day 28

I’d like to come here and tell you that I’m not superstitious about certain things, but then I’d be lying. My superstitions stem from real life events or just good ol’ karma. I really think karma helps keep me in line more than anything else. I’m not 100% sure I believe in it, but there are some things that I do just to be safe. Here’s what I’m superstitious about: 1. If I see a penny, I am picking it up. In fact, if I see any money I’m picking it up. That’s good luck because I just became richer. Hello. 2. You have to blow out all your candles on your birthday cake at once for your wish to come true. 3. The number 66. I just don’t like that number. And certainly not 666. 4. Make a wish on a wishbone. Two people choose a side and pull...

A Letter To My Younger Self – #Blogtober14 Day 27

Dear 7-year-old Helene, Is it wrong to say that I still think you were one of the cutest kids around? You were. Your struggles in life consisted of what to bring to lunch in the first grade and which boy you would have a crush on next. And your little sisters. You wanted a sibling so very badly, and all of a sudden your mom popped out two for the price of one. Who would have thought that you’d worry about them as if they’re your own kids.   You dropped out of ballet but kept up with hip hop, which you’ll regret later. But let’s face it, the tallest you grow to is 5’2″ and you don’t necessarily have a dancer’s body. Even though you grow up, you always remain young at heart.  Dear 17-year-old Helene, Remember that guy that you had a crush on senior year of high school?...

A Day in Movie Quotes – #Blogtober14 Day 26

Don’t get mad… but I’m about to shake up this prompt a little bit. The prompt is “Who’d Play You in a Movie.” I’ve actually blogged about that before, so I’m changing it up a bit. Sometimes, life is just better in quote form. We don’t have to think, we just know if we quote a movie (or TV series) that what we say will be poignant or hilarious. I wrote a post called A Day in Movie Quotes so I thought since that was a while ago I’d do it again. When I wake up in the morning: (insert work) When my JAM comes on:  Shopping: Whenever I’m driving: When my diet isn’t going too well and I’m starving: 20 minutes later…:  When Michael is making me mad: When it’s 5pm, or just really anything that’s awesome happens: Trying to figure out what to eat for dinner: The end...

My Favorite Book – #Blogtober14 Day 25

My favorite book of all time isn’t a classic novel. It’s not a thinking piece. It’s won’t go down in history as an epic tale. It isn’t an exquisite example of writing. But I love this book. I happened to read it at an important time in my life. By that, I mean puberty. It was a time when I felt pretty bad about my crooked teeth and lack of any boys wanting to ask me to prom. This was junior year of high school. I wasn’t asked to the prom. No one asked me. It was devastating. It was something I never really talk about. But it happened, and there was this book. I think I read it that weekend. All at once. It was Rebecca Wells’ “The Crowning Glory Of Calla Lily Ponder.” It just made me feel good and remember the important things in life. And really,...

One Beauty Product I Can’t Live Without – #Blogtober14 Day 24

I don’t wear make up much during the week, so on the weekends I like to play with it a bit. That is, if I have time. I admit that I’m horrible at eye make up. In high school I wore dark eyeliner around my entire eye. I finally realized that wasn’t doing me any favors and stopped wearing it completely. Now it’s saved for fancy occassions. I also used too much bronzer. (Although sometimes I know I still do.) One time Michael asked me if I had “dirt on my face” and I knew there was a problem. Besides my trials and tribulations with eyeliner and bronzer my one make-up go to is lipstick. Not just any lipstick. Maybelline Vivids Lipsticks. I wish that I was being paid for this. I really do. Because I love this lipstick so much. I have 5 different colors and you can tell...

My Top 10 Pet Peeves – #Blogtober14 Day 22

I’m an irritable person. Always have been. To quote a Drake song, I go 0 to 100 real quick. I’ll be perfectly fine and if Michael happens to say something to make me mad, I go off. It’s a horrible quality but like I tell him, “You married it.” Therefore, my list of pet peeves is extensive, but these are the ones that I could readily think of. Come to think of it, it’s a pet peeve of mine when I can’t remember all my pet peeves. I am Michael’s pet peeve. Not sorry. 1. Ebola. The hysteria in Dallas is palpable. 2.  When I find a new song I love, but it’s not on Spotify. 3. When a Facebook friend posts a question that could easily be answered by Google. 4. Couples that sit on the same side of the booth. How do you talk? 5. Automated phone conversations....
  • FINALLY! My new site and blog design are live. Spoiler alert: I moved to Wordpress. Things are looking VERY different around here. Check out the new digs: πŸ‘‰πŸ»www.heleneinbetween.comπŸ‘ˆπŸ» let me know what you think! πŸ’» #photosinbetween #bloggervibes #heleneinbetween
  • Sunday cup of joe with a Little extra somethin' somethin' in there β˜•οΈMy Niece and nephew are in town so requires an extra shot to get me through the day. πŸ‘§πŸΌπŸ‘¦πŸΌ (don't worry, their dad is here so I'm not drinking while babysitting)
  • It's never a bad day when you're eating hot chicken. πŸ—πŸ΄Michael always gets "damn hot", but I'm too much of a chickenπŸ“ (pun intended) and get medium. This is my favorite place for nashville's finest! #helenelovesnashville
  • The cutest little flower shop in all of Nashville πŸ’—πŸ’ (possibly the world) #ihavethisthingwithpink #photosinbetween #thenashvilleguide #helenelovesnashville
  • How can you be mad when you have a baby pineapple and it's #nationalpinkday πŸ’— answer: you can't. 🍍 update on my site: still down but hopefully coming back soon! Fingers crossed #photosinbetween #bloggervibes
  • Tried to transfer my site today. It's been ROUGH to say the least. I thought it would be smart to just crawl in bed and watch Orange is The New Black instead. Seems like the right thing to do. #bloggervibes
  • Michael rarely buys me flowers. This isn't a complaint, it's just a fact. Today I got home and these multi colored roses were in my office. At first I thought it was just because, but then I asked. "We have a reason to celebrate!" Can't believe this is really happening. THIS will all be revealed soon πŸ˜‰ 
P.s. Boys- buy your girl some flowers every now and then. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
#photosinbetween #πŸ’
  • Let's just crawl into bed and pretend it's almost Friday, pleaseeee. 😎😎😎 shop the post here: #liketkit  #photosinbetween
  • I PINK-y promise that I got out of bed today. It might have been after 1pm. But I still did it. #dontcallitacomeback #sundaystruggle #photosinbetween
  • Less sometimes isn't more. πŸ“ΏπŸŽ€πŸ’πŸ•Ά Festin' with my bestie @saramay101 and jammin @rbfestival 🀘🏻#photosinbetween #attgophone #ad
  • I always feel like a kid cutting class when I leave early on Fridays- even if I work for myself! To be totally honest, I work a lot of hours. Some weeks 80+ but I love it. It never feels like work because I'm passionate about it. And that's seriously the best thing you can ask for. // heading to Chattanooga today for the Riverbend Music festival with AT&T Go Phone! #attgophone #photosinbetween #ad
  • OHHH hey! my name is Helene Sula and I thought I should introduce myself to everyone- new and old! I'm currently residing in Nashville Tennessee and I'm from Dallas Texas.  I do not believe in high heels but I do believe in karma. I have a very strong relationship with popcorn and Diet Coke (although I'm 2 weeks Diet Coke free, I'll never quit popcorn.) For someone who spills on herself regularly, I wear an awful lot of white. I'm obsessed with electronic dance music and I will dance, provoked or not. I like to casually wear flash tats. My husband Michael, my two dogs, and I moved to Nashville "for fun" and I think it's been one of the best decisions ever. Now, tell me about YOU! #photosinbetween